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Dividers - Quantum Dividable Grid Containers

Supplier: Quantum

FOB: East Coast Warehouse
Sold in cartons of 6

Create custom configurations to fit small- and medium-sized parts in your Dividable Grid Containers. Just slide these dividers into the molded-in slots and easily rearrange them whenever you need.

  • Divides containers by length and/or width, allowing subdivision down to a 1-1/8" square compartment size.
  • Creates uniform or multiple sizes of compartments within one container.
  • Secures stored items while keeping them visible and
    easy to access at the same time.
  • Slotted for easy interlocking – no tools or hardware required.
  • Durable, corrosion-resistant plastic.

Here's how many Long (legth) and Short (width) Dividers
each container model will hold:

Models DG91035 / DG91050
Long Divider Slots : 5
Short Divider Slots: 7

Models DG92035 / DG92060 / DG92080
Long Divider Slots: 7
Short Divider Slots: 11

Models DG93080 / DG93120
Long Divider Slots: 11
Short Divider Slots: 15

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18 models for Dividers - Quantum Dividable Grid Containers

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Model No. Description Fits Container Length Carton Qty. Price Per Carton Qty
DL91035 Long Dividers DG91035 or DG91035CL 10-7/8" 6 $9.49
DL91050 Long Dividers DG91050 or DG91050CL 10-7/8" 6 $10.52
DL92035 Long Dividers DG92035 or DG92035CL 16-1/2" 6 $12.87
DL92060 Long Dividers DG92060 or DG92060CL 16-1/2" 6 $15.01
DL92080 Long Dividers DG92080 or DG92080CL 16-1/2" 6 $16.28
DL93030 Long Dividers DG93030 or DG93030CL 22-1/2" 6 $17.17
DL93060 Long Dividers DG93060 or DG93060CL 22-1/2" 6 $19.05
DL93080 Long Dividers DG93080 or DG93080CL 22-1/2" 6 $23.16
DL93120 Long Dividers DG93120 or DG93120CL 22-1/2" 6 $38.65
DS91035 Short Dividers DG91035 or DG91035CL 8-1/4" 6 $8.79
DS91050 Short Dividers DG91050 or DG91050CL 8-1/4" 6 $9.56
DS92035 Short Dividers DG92035 or DG92035CL 10-7/8" 6 $11.81
DS92060 Short Dividers DG92060 or DG92060CL 10-7/8" 6 $11.33
DS92080 Short Dividers DG92080 or DG92080CL 10-7/8" 6 $12.80
DS93030 Short Dividers DG93030 or DG93030CL 17-1/2" 6 $16.04
DS93060 Short Dividers DG93060 or DG93060CL 17-1/2" 6 $17.04
DS93080 Short Dividers DG93080 or DG93080CL 17-1/2" 6 $19.30
DS93120 Short Dividers DG93120 or DG93120CL 17-1/2" 6 $34.66
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