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Ironman Back and Side Panels

Manufacturer: Quantum

Easily create closed shelving with Ironman Offset Back and Side Panels.

  • Protects inventory from dust and dirt.
  • Prevents stock from falling off the back of the unit.
  • Creates separation between areas.
  • Provides an orderly and professional appearance.
  • Use with Ironman Offset Posts.

NOTE: Back and side panels replace back and side sway braces on Closed Shelving Units. Order two side panels and one back panel per unit. Ironman Offset Posts are sold separately.

FOB East Coast Warehouse

If you need a large quantity of this product, call us at 1-800-338-1382 for additional bulk discounts!
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32 Models Available for Ironman Back and Side Panels

  • Prices subject to change without notice

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Model No. Description Weight Price Ea. Qty
SP-1239 Side Panels 4 lbs. $21.13
SP-1539 Side Panels 5 lbs. $21.13
SP-1839 Side Panels 6 lbs. $23.91
SP-2439 Side Panels 9 lbs. $23.91
SP-3039 Side Panels 10 lbs. $30.59
SP-1275 Side Panels 8 lbs. $27.24
SP-1575 Side Panels 10 lbs. $32.80
SP-1875 Side Panels 12 lbs. $33.92
SP-2475 Side Panels 18 lbs. $38.34
SP-3075 Side Panels 20 lbs. $49.47
SP-1287 Side Panels 12 lbs. $29.45
SP-1587 Side Panels 15 lbs. $35.01
SP-1887 Side Panels 18 lbs. $35.01
SP-2487 Side Panels 27 lbs. $41.70
SP-3087 Side Panels 30 lbs. $52.82
SP-1299 Side Panels 12 lbs. $30.59
SP-1599 Side Panels 15 lbs. $37.23
SP-1899 Side Panels 18 lbs. $37.23
SP-2499 Side Panels 27 lbs. $47.23
SP-3099 Side Panels 30 lbs. $59.47
BP-3639 Back Panels 13 lbs. $29.45
BP-4239 Back Panels 15 lbs. $32.80
BP-4839 Back Panels 17 lbs. $36.14
BP-3675 Back Panels 26 lbs. $50.60
BP-4275 Back Panels 30 lbs. $56.13
BP-4875 Back Panels 34 lbs. $62.83
BP-3687 Back Panels 39 lbs. $63.91
BP-4287 Back Panels 45 lbs. $73.92
BP-4887 Back Panels 51 lbs. $85.02
BP-3699 Back Panels 39 lbs. $61.71
BP-4299 Back Panels 45 lbs. $73.92
BP-4899 Back Panels 51 lbs. $85.02
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